More than just demand response

A virtual energy management system vEMS based on an Internet of Energy platform

Thousands of Sites Already Connected
Public buildings
Commercial buildings
4 500sites
Remotely controled
10 000HVAC
Appliances connected
1 000 000 000+
data collected every day
150on-site BMS
Transformed in virtual EMS
Why Choose a vEMS
The consumption of your sites is too low to pay for a standard BMS from a major provider?
You want to avoid the multiplicity of providers, web access, interlocutors?
You need a global and accurate view of the consumption of your sites?
As a small or a medium business you don't have the resources to maximize your energy efficiency?
Voltalis vEMS is the solution to build your own custom-made BMS, with fast implementation and fast ROI

One Single Platform for all your Energy Needs

What can you do with a vEMS?

Virtual Smart Thermostat
Storage Management
Astronomical Time Switches
Demand Response
Self-Consumption Management
and more...
A Solution Based on Voltalis Internet of Energy Platform

Processing and collecting 1 billion data in real time every day

Real time algorithms
The latest big data and machine learning breakthroughs
Technology agnostic
Remotely control all existing equipments brands thanks to our patented devices
A plug & play solution
Quick installation, remote maintenance
User-friendly dashboard
As friendly as internet today
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